Numerology ~ 


Deciding on personal attachments to numbers is as difficult as choosing the winning numbers at the grand lottery.

My early involvement was from Zolar's book on astrology, numerology, and dream interpretations. He went on about birth numbers, path numbers, destiny numbers, and the numbers in general; his work was interesting - and you may enjoy it yourself.

Soundly, current philosophies might just equate the study of dreams to the science of numerology! They both have fascinating aspects, and usually stay too broad to fully comprehend.

Proper background for beginner numerology may be best had with mathematicians; the strong adherence to the properties of numbers will assist anyone in trying to make some sense of all the possible situations/outcomes.

As an added monkey wrench try to attach elements to the important numbers - of human interaction. Do you feel many even have a good grasp of handling this? When we can't tap into the fundamentals, and properly identify the connection to our other disciplines, the assistance to a final conclusive study will be impossible.

It's likely most psychics don't waste time delving into the large world of numbers. I'm not sure we all even have a destiny number, and birth number; soothsayers disagree on how to calculate various personal numbers, and also have different opinions as to which numbers are important! Doctors are similar regarding dreams; some only brush them off as "nonsensical" - and feel they're just an emotional discharge by the brain.


The next page adds site interpretations of the 'important' numbers in our lives; after that new topics are also discussed...