YLS Introductory Pages, for Paranormals.....

   "Believability, VS Contradictory Messages"

If you're online a lot try visiting the Indian Animal pages. It seems quite a nice notion, to equate personality types with wild animals {they've based a system around animals they ran into the most:  Bears; Wolves; Salmon/Fish; Owls; Eagles; and so on....}, and this actually is similar to Asian principles.

The trouble is what we find online isn't especially cohesive. After going through the questions/testing offered on four different sites it was disappointing to find out my 'animal sign' was different for every site...!???

If you went to a few different 'psychics' and got all different  information, likely much of it would be discounted.

To stay accepted the paranormal anthropological disciplines must be cohesive - to remain believable!


Pushing forward, as one group, we suggest embracing all the paranormals as scientific studies.

The gifts of some psychics/mystics could border on religious inspirations; however, to not allow such subjective bantering the principles behind observation need to stay wrapped around scientific disciplines.

Our ancestors took unbelievable amounts of time to construct the modern dynamics. Instead of becoming hopelessly grasping at predictions, objective reviews of scientific concepts (enhanced by hard working forefathers and mothers!) allow you and I to "forecast" outcomes.


When readings and remarks stay consistent, humanity has the glorious chance to evolve a triumphant past to NEW victories....