Your Lucky Stars


YLS Contention:  Studies Shoot to Break Everyone Down to the Elemental Level

Carried forth from essays presented on Your Lucky Stars, we're going to grab the bull by the horns here. The only way to extend an interest in these studies is to try and prove a sincere starting ground ~ where all peoples can determine the validity.

Just like a chemist will show followers the Periodic Table of Elements, when trying to convince others that you'll be better served by paranormal disciplines they need to grasp core concepts.

Without consciously knowing it, all teachings in occult and paranormal anthropology stem from mixtures of world elements. Astrology has a better grip on this concept ~ declaring Fire sign people mix better with other Fire signs; for any discipline to be accepted as helpful one must correlate the matching of elements - to different kinds of individuals....

Advanced "readers", or psychics/astrologers, delve deeper into several studies - finding that unique blend of Air, Earth, Fire and Water from each. If done correctly, we can indeed see how certain people in our lives are more in touch with our particular mindset.

Every individual on Earth has a combination of the four main elements within; interpretations of the different sciences will shed light on the exact mix. We clash with others, or get along beautifully, based on the differing types and amounts ~ since certain elements don't match up...

Folks too deep in only one, or two, studies shall likely only receive a superficial collection of data about those they wish to help. An example is the daily horoscope - which broadly covers 500 million Aries on Earth every day; usually more appealing when humor is attached, it is a given that the majority of readers throw up their hands in despair.