"Welcome To 'R' Inner Workings!
Here's An Experimental Review Of Another Way To Divide The Year Into 4 Quarters/'Seasons'. . ."
Perhaps this is a dedication to others, that don't live in a seasonal area. Somehow it seemed nifty to divide the year a bit differently ~ to better plan certain functions. Let's face it - the same old waiting about for the change of a season isn't always fun; plus, when we overlap the usual do's with a new way to handle optional activities usually there's a neat freshness about it!
While creating the list below, there indeed were hints of 'a very best selection'; but, it's different and can be helpful - without fanfare...
   {for observation, this shall fit better in a seasonal area with Winter from December to March ~ perhaps Southern Hemisphere people will be better served in switching them about a bit....}
Quarter 1:  November through January
   subtitle: "napping and souvenirs"
Quarter 2:  February through April
   subtitle: "seeds"
Quarter 3:  May through July
   subtitle: "campfires"
Quarter 4:  August through October
   subtitle: "golden gates"