"R" Method
'F' is brainstorming
How we conduct ourselves, when faced with conflict, is an individual thing; here's one proof for the construction of "R" ( a routine).
As a rule, most people automatically have back up methods. Perhaps something instilled in us from parents or friends, once a new situation requires a choice we act upon it.
If the usual problem solver doesn't adequately help us make a happy choice what then??
You can try "F", which is short for Frankenstein; the ability to fully develop ideas, be it like a scientist making a monster, could give unexpected positive results! Also called 'carte blanche', or a blank sheet of white paper, one simply adds any thought that comes to mind.
It WILL help you think outside the box. You'll usually be delighted at how many options are present to fully tackle an issue!
Once the list is complete {usually 15 minutes is enough time to come up with unique ideas}, review what you have ~ and make a positive step from it!