What drives us to new heights, and allows us to view "The Spectacular"? Somehow it seems as if we see an invisible line, there at our feet; to go one way is a 'bad' path - and the other will be 'good'...
Normally love, and love relations, do a sparkling job of identifying right from wrong. We surely hope all our wonderful fans have experienced love "that lifts one higher than ever before"! It's as spicy hot as a Caribbean beach adventure, and as prolific as a historical journey into the Sahara desert...
But this isn't always enough, to keep us motivated; and, staying prepared in this busy world seems to take lots of time, energy, and money!
If we governed ourselves what would happen is there'd be a large collection of rules made. Trial and error documents would pave the way for advanced parameters to live our lives by.... "R"!
Regimented lifestyles are usually successful ~ just look at the armed forces! While we laughed at the 'inspections' our military friends had to go through, one must admit we have a better self image when we stay on top of things.
As the holidays approach, here's just a bit of insider thoughtfulness. Many of the practices we share here, in the name of "R"outine, are no different than a business's standard operating procedures! You may even say they're a funner version of your local lawmakers' collection of laws! It was decided long ago to never seek profit from their workings; incorporate whatever details you please into your own interesting, eclectic 'joie de vivre (joy of living)'!