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Organized Exercise, Part 3 . . .

If you take exercise seriously perhaps some kind of tracking system will help you.

When you exercise pretty regularly, and don't have any issues over weight control, chances are you won't need to make all the necessary red tape ~ charting a new course toward staying in great shape! Yet, if there seems to be a strong correlation between how much exercise is done to how much food is eaten - and you're experiencing difficulty in staying within a sound weight range - we have some suggestions.

Here's an actual set of principles that is used daily. The conditions around the whole fitness regimen displayed in this discussion are as follows:  I'm a 59 year old male, that is active - with health concerns; living in a temperate weather zone, seasonal variations disallow outside exercising pretty regularly; in spite of a couple changes to the routine I've lifted weights and rode a mountain bike for the last 20 years; the biggest modifications to the diet have been lower carbs, less salt and sugar, and eating lightly at night.


Taking tallies for certain chunks of allotted exercise is the wildest, most intensive, thing you can do inside an exercise regimen!


Some people either need to base calories around how much exercise is done, or need to compare an amount of work/fitness activity to just how much food gets consumed - to monitor weight control (especially when we wish to lose some)!

One can correctly assume here that anyone setting forth on an exercise program should make an ideal/target weight range! "Don't be overanalytical when trying to guess this! Chances are as you move forward this goal will change. By views in mirrors and/or doctor and friend inputs be true to yourself in looking forward to a slimmer/healthier you!"


YLS will give you ideas, from systems utilized around 'the shop'; only certain exercises shall be mentioned here - and you will have to create a system that makes you happy!

The tallies talked about here, or your own, get tabulated on a calendar; the relationship to a set amount of tallies to appetite/time to set aside for exercise regularly become your desired achievement...

Weekly, or monthly, considerations will show you how much exercise is contributing to your appetite; eventual building of extra exercise and/or tweaks to how many meals and snacks you consume become the MAIN PURPOSE of the fitness regimen. Naturally we all wish we could do a bare minimum of exercise and eat like horses.....

With a set of dumbbells at a steady weight, doing a certain amount of reps will earn you a point. Having about 30 pounds on each arm could be a nice starting weight, and curling them up 25 times will represent one tally. Do this 5 times in a day and you earned 5 tallies; going for 10 times a day not only gives 10 tallies, but should easily offer the chance to grab an extra snack per day!

With biking, a slanted scale is more desirable; the first hour of biking gets 1 tally - but each half hour after it gets two. Anything under an hour, but over about 20 minutes, will be a tally; usually it seems we put in a half hour or so - going around a block or two near home.

Your Lucky Stars wishes everyone a safe and healthy time, when exercising. We hope our major fitness presentation helps you ~