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'Organized Exercise, part 2'

Once we make the decision to exercise regularly, the burden of decision making begins.

Which exercises may we like, and how often should they be done???

Most fitness enthusiasts feel a cardiovascular section needs to be done, and a second regimen of stamina endurance is important. For example, my own routine of mountain biking and lifting weights satisfies such criteria.

Successfully accomplishing both objectives takes patience - and can be the greatest discipline we'll ever do for ourselves! So, just how can one approach the system of checks and balances; and, is it that important to measure various effects upon the body/diet!?

A final essay will soon follow on a sample 'tally system, based on the intensity of the exercise regimen'. As to whether it is important or not totally depends on how your own body deals with daily requirements ~

Should you enjoy great health whether you do large amounts of exercise or not typically screams "you won't have to fret too much over quantity of exercise!"