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Come Take The 'Preparedness For Run Of The Mill Diseases' Test  

Coronavirus came by surprise for 2020, and it still didn't go away.

Personally, a couple friends and I feel we may have gotten one of the first strains here; last February those of us that visited Mohegan Sun casino came down with a flu-like bug. After coughing up phlegm for nearly a month, we managed to break the condition.

Perhaps spewing college fitness YLS will now put forth a regimen that usually assists in getting over illnesses! In addition, though, some common sense and timing adds a personal touch ~ maybe offering some assistance.

One issue I feel gets completely overlooked is keeping up with Vitamin C. When I started to feel sick, last Winter, I bought orange juice and had a couple glasses per day; normally I try to have 2-5 servings of Vitamin C at home, per week. Many juices and drinks add Vitamin C, and being sure to have several cups a week will help ward off infection!

Waltzing along on the 'preventitive' kick, discussing proper sleep and exercise hopefully doesn't sound didactic to you...

When possible, keep fit and get regular sleep! Having a state of fitness that disallows a bad infection from setting in is wonderful - whenever we have the time to accomplish this!

In addition, proper diet (including decent amounts of Vitamin C) shall also serve to brush off potentially disruptive ailments....