Health and Fitness ~ Saggy mattresses, futons and couches: too easy to cause a backache


Firstly, any doctor will verify that when bone damage is done this discussion could be fruitless.
When muscle strains or general back conditions happen, usually our bedding isn't appropriate -
or we aren't lifting properly.
If you haven't already heard about proper lifting simply it is bending knees instead of reaching over with your back; plus, twisting and turning a whole lot could also create a pulled muscle concern.
For our discussion, however, we will share a homespun technique used for many moons! After several back problems and putting up with old, saggy mattresses a safe and effective measure was taken. Should your back let out even somewhat frequently - and it is understood that only muscle stress is the cause - make sure the bedding doesn't sag in the middle; where the buttocks and lower back rest you may find quite a depression.
Take old blankets and sheets and fold them to about 24 inches. Lay the blankets and such across the section of the bed that is sagging - place perpendicular to how you sleep on the bedding. You can then place the normal sheet over these cushions and it will prop up that region of your body.
At times I've had as many as 4 folded up sheets and blankets underneath my normal sheets....try it out! Be sure that these folded up blankets run opposite to the direction of your head to toe sleep position! Overall, the blankets and you will make a + (cross or plus sign, so the padding ends up running from about the belly button down to just above the knees).
Weight trainers that have given up on occasion due a bad back swear that the setting of your back during rest does wonders; you'll be able to get back to exercise, and also most daily activities.
   [naturally when finances are sufficient buying a new, firm mattress is a good idea...]