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Organized Exercise

The mere thought usually has us discontinuing the exercise program - indefinitely!

How could we become a hamster, in it's wheel; jumping out of bed to get into our sweats, and be sure we jog 7 miles, isn't usually a great motivator!

Still, when we keep the fitness regimen completely random we run a big risk. In addition, fitting exercise into a routine with school and/or work gets difficult. It's no wonder most of us don't live up to our dream of "good to excellent health".

At this crossroad we have two choices. We can compromise and do 'as much as we can, inside our schedule', and usually stay on the same diet we're accustomed to. Sadly, the other road takes us to lack of fitness.

Raising children, or other assorted large workloads, will prevent folks from achieving even minor exercise programs. We can try eating less carbs, and fatty foods, should this be our fate. Have a sound weight range in mind, and consume calories to keep yourself somewhat fit; somewhere down the road it's likely a new opportunity will arise ~ to allow you to get back into a fitness program.

Let's discuss the broad category of "compromise". It can be quite unhealthy! Memories of staying on a minimal exercise program, to eat two or three times that of a normal person, quickly come to mind. Complete with back pains, and chest pains, we make believe we're better off when we exercise.

YLS will present methodology soon, as to keeping a routine a bit more organized. However, the first 'take home' to all is:  "matching exercise to a sound diet is the best organization available"! All roads to better fitness start with folks eating healthier, weight-conscious, foods!

Should exercise stay an integral part of your schedule, it allows you to eat a bit more; setting up parameters to have an idea about the size of your workout also assists us in proper nutrition - and health expectations!

Look for Part Two of this discussion soon....