Friday December 11th  ~ on the 11th we can try avoiding carbs (maybe a detox drink too - like pomegranate juice), for "R"

Saturday December 12th ~

consider yard and garden maintenance - to complete "R" 

Sunday December 13th  ~ on the 13th we can try getting into a seasonal event we usually don't have time for

Monday December 14th ~

consider refilling cookie/snack jars - to complete "R"  

Tuesday December 15th  ~ on the 15th we can try visiting a country/specialty store, for "R"

Wednesday December 16th ~

consider taking a nature hike - to complete "R"  

Thursday December 17th  ~

on the 17th we can try watching a favorite movie, for "R"

Friday December 18th ~consider changing clothes around (put out Winter stuff/etc) - to complete "R"  

Saturday December 19th  ~ on the 19th we can try having plenty of exotic drinks on hand, for "R"

Your Lucky Stars remains a 'free venture' ~ a fun place to run to when you wish to stimulate the senses!

At times new forums appear on a weekly basis; where else can you read up on modern paranormal material, with a slant to scientific teachings. . .

Being an "entertainment platform", the mission here has stayed solid - and it's never necessary to redo materials out of bias.  Enjoy...!!


Sunday December 20th ~

consider fertilizing and trimming houseplants - to complete "R"  

Monday December 21st  ~ on the 21st we can try cleaning/sterilizing garbage receptacles, for "R"

Tuesday December 22nd ~

consider getting outdoors - to complete "R"  

Wednesday December 23rd  ~ on the 23rd we can try gathering any needed car backups, for "R"

Thursday December 24th ~

consider vacuuming and cleaning a bedroom - to complete "R"  

Friday December 25th  ~


Saturday December 26th ~

consider donating some time to a good cause - to complete "R"  

Sunday December 27th  ~ on the 27th we can try sharing a pet (with friend)/taking pet on an excursion, for "R"