Comprehensive Tracker


Wednesday April 21st ~

try joining family for a 'shopping adventure', to complete "R"

Thursday April 22nd ~  try heavy cleaning bathroom/kitchen, for "R" on the 22nd

Friday April 23rd ~

try planting a tree - or some flowers, on the 23rd

Saturday April 24th ~  try setting stuff aside {for a yard sale/giveaway}, on the 24th

Sunday April 25th ~ 

try washing and waxing floors, to complete "R" on the 25th

Monday April 26th ~

try having plenty of exotic drinks on hand, to complete "R"

Tuesday April 27th ~   try planning a dinner with more fruits/vegetables, to complete "R" on the 27th

Wednesday April 28th ~   try discussing and interpreting the lyrics of a good tune, for "R" on the 28th

We hope you enjoy the Tracking Page!

Don't let all the directives overwhelm... they're simply things to try with spare time. My early "calencores", those written directives I made up during rough college years, aren't anywhere as attractive as this planner!


Thursday April 29th ~

try getting outdoors, to complete "R"

Friday April 30th ~   try backup files/shredding at home or office, to complete "R" on the 30th

Saturday May 1st ~

try helping an elderly, or disabled, person - on the 1st

Sunday May 2nd ~  try some dedications/silent prayer {here ~ 'let's hope covid19 ends soon!'}, to complete "R" on the 2nd

Monday May 3rd ~

try watching a favorite show or movie - on the 3rd

Tuesday May 4th ~ try sharing the pet with a friend/taking pet on new excursion, to complete "R" 

Wednesday May 5th ~ 

try taking out pictures from an old vacation - on the 5th

Thursday May 6th ~  try taking a few days with less spending, to see if some are usually excessive, to complete "R" on the 6th