Monday December 28th ~

on the 28th, we can try cleaning the computing area(s), for "R"

Tuesday December 29th ~ consider setting up an investment/reviewing an investment's performance - to complete "R"  

Wednesday December 30th ~  

try critiquing art/movie/etc. with some friends, to satisfy "R"

Thursday December 31st ~ 

try some work/school prep, to complete "R" on the 31st

Friday January 1st ~   try sterilizing, or deep cleaning, a home object, to complete "R" on the 1st...

Saturday January 2nd ~  

try extra prevention for teeth {floss; don't eat sugar}, for "R" on the 2nd -

Sunday January 3rd ~  try enjoying either lunch or dinner - surf and turf style, to complete "R"

Monday January 4th ~   

consider watering/fertilizing house plants, for "R" on the 4th

We hope you enjoy the Tracking Page!

There's some hope with new vaccines!! Even though 2020 won't be at the top of most folks' fave lists just think of some valuable things we learned ~ and now we see that as one world miracles will develop!

Don't get overwhelmed, should all the directives here seem like mandatory chores; just try and work at some extra tasks - with rewards in mind!

Tuesday January 5th ~    consider pampering a pet {bath/shampoo; long walk; so on}  - to complete "R"

Wednesday January 6th ~  

try a nature hike, or beach walk, for "R" on the 6th

Thursday January 7th ~ 

try starting a 'kitty' - to get a desired object, to complete "R"

Friday January 8th ~  try a parents/grandparents day {at least calls}, on the 8th to complete "R"

Saturday January 9th ~   

try cleaning appliances/tidying up work areas, to complete "R"

Sunday January 10th ~ 

try gathering fresh fruits and veggies, for "R" on the 10th

Monday January 11th ~

consider cutting nails/soaking feet, to complete "R"outine  

Tuesday January 12th ~ 

try yard and garden maintenance, for "R" on the 12th