Monday November 9th ~

on the 9th, we can try cleaning the computing area(s), for "R"

Tuesday November 10th ~ consider setting up an investment/reviewing an investment's performance - to complete "R"  

Wednesday November 11th ~  

try critiquing art/movie/etc. with some friends, to satisfy "R"

Thursday Noveth ~ 

try some work/school prep, to complete "R" on the 12th

Friday September 25th ~   try sterilizing, or deep cleaning, a home object, to complete "R" on the 25th...

Saturday September 26th ~  

try extra prevention for teeth {floss; don't eat sugar}, for "R" on the 26th -

Sunday September 27th ~  try enjoying either lunch or dinner - surf and turf style, to complete "R" on the 27th

Monday September 28th ~   

consider watering/fertilizing house plants, for "R" on the 28th

We hope you enjoy the Tracking Page!

There's some hope Summer activities will return ~ somewhat normally. Going to the beach, and having family/friends over for a BBQ, usually make for fun memories. . .

Don't get overwhelmed, should all the directives here seem like mandatory chores; just try and work at some extra tasks - with rewards in mind!

Tuesday September 29th ~    consider pampering a pet {bath/shampoo; long walk; so on}  - to complete "R"

Wednesday September 30th ~  

try a nature hike, or beach walk, for "R" on the 30th

Thursday October 1st ~ 

try starting a 'kitty' - to get a desired object, to complete "R"

Friday October 2nd ~  try a parents/grandparents day {at least calls}, on the 2nd to complete "R"

Saturday October 3rd ~   

try cleaning appliances/tidying up work areas, to complete "R"

Sunday October 4th ~ 

try gathering fresh fruits and veggies, for "R" on the 4th

Monday October 5th ~

consider cutting nails/soaking feet, to complete "R"outine  

Tuesday October 6th ~ 

try yard and garden maintenance, for "R" on the 6th