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too much DRAMA!! 

 'The Smiling Dragonfly'
Just a few short summers ago I was sitting on the patio when a gold colored dragonfly landed on a branch only a foot or so away. Not the first time a critter became the object of my interest, I laughed that this harmless and beautiful insect seemed to place itself so it could look directly at me!
It stayed motionless for minutes. I began tilting my head and staring at the critter to see if it would fly away. Not moving I then opened my lips and closed them repeatedly as if to smile at the dragonfly.
My mind then raced to recent trips to Aruba - a tropical paradise; like I've done with many friends, old and new, I dreamed we were walking up and down the magnificent beach together. By 'we' I mean the dragonfly and I - the little insect still sat motionless watching my every turn and gesture.
As brief as this unlikely friendship would end up being I still felt a sunny streak of joy from this chance encounter! Hopefully I stirred up some primitive feeling of happiness in its' short life; memories of Aruba, even if it is only with a dragonfly accompanying me along the beautiful beach, usually inspire plenty of positive emotions......
Out of the blue this patient and complex creature appeared to open it's mouth or lips! Even though I sat mesmerized about my new friend and Aruba, the dragonfly repeated this several more times.
Who would have thought such a small critter would gain enjoyment from copying my actions - and as one very rare incident I can say a gold dragonfly smiled at me.


{This was the very first Too Much Drama !!/ Life Soap Box entry ~ way back August 2014, when we opened. After losing family members and praying vaccines help us return to normalcy, I dedicate this to the magic our lives occasionally get blessed with. . . .

YLS wishes every person in every country hastened relief due COVID pandemic.}