Your Lucky Stars


too much DRAMA!! 

 ""Let's Face It:  The Holidays Are The Most STRESSFUL Time Of The Year!!"

The premise behind National Lampoon's "Christmas Vacation" is that the average family doesn't have the world's best holiday.
Right off we can take into consideration that over half of the world's population won't even feel the cold ~ how would it be possible to peek out at snowy magic Christmas morn'? The Southern Hemisphere (like Australia) has Summertime while we're feeling Winter's bite up here.
Half of our relatives don't seem interested in spreading holiday cheer, and it seems getting involved in a full blown 'Christmastime' costs a small fortune! In a way they're right in thinking Christ (the Lord) is skipped over, as department stores play Christmas tunes as early as Halloween...!

Keep in mind, though, that grabbing a hold of Santa's sleigh can have ginormous/incredible/super fantastic/wicked awesome perks.
The unique combination of "imagination, wrapped around our longest traditions" could propel you to finalize travel plans and set out to finish gift buying.
In our world of scheming demons and indifference DON'T BUY INTO "BAH, HUMBUG"; when all is said and done you have the best seat in the house - all for free.