Your Lucky Stars


too much DRAMA!! 

 "Fishing Is An Experience That Brings An Animal Element To Survival"

Observation #1 is that when humans fish they seem to want food for their tables.

Observation #2 is that adults collectively seem to feel teaching children to get out fishing is a good habit, which surpasses hanging around and getting into bad behaviors.

Observation #3 is that humans have a bad habit of neglecting regular household pets, since our lives stay so complicated.

My family fished plenty, as we grew up; My brother, sister and I all joined in at fresh and saltwater fishing expeditions. We had a great time, and usually ended the trip having a hearty breakfast cooked on a Coleman grill.

Today (August 5th 2020) I joined my best friend, and we fished for scup at the local dock. I enjoy cooking them Cambodian style, with a three day spice marinade ending in an hour of deep fat frying!

Being an adult now I sometimes question the actions people take, in 'the regular course of their day'; "..likely many will now say to themselves: 'this is probably the reason YLS forums aren't really like anything else...'!"!!

'Meant as an explanation, for listing some conclusions...':

I don't feel hunting or fishing, as a sport, is an ethereal kind of hobby. There must be some ulterior motive, when we hear of elephant/asst. types of killing adventures. Even though I do feel we humans indeed are a 'superior' species, and it shall always stay necessary to kill for food, pets serve as the prime example; coexistence on our Earth requires sustainable sentiment for all plants and animals.

Fishing shall remain as a proper guidance/resource, that likely will continue to keep children away from silly street antics. However, as an aging adult it is becoming more evident I'm peering into a lot of eyes.

Seeing the equivalent of God in the eyes of a favorite pet, collectively we MUST tend to all the world's bio~populations. While some wouldn't hesitate to devour us (such as a Bull Shark), many various kinds of eyes are sacrificed - to help us survive.

A hornets' nest got me thinking about this topic. They've been near the family garden many Summers now; while most could be tempted to kill them, with a bug spray, I decided to analyze their impact on my gardening experience. I likely will move their nesting apparatus for next Summer, seeing they'll return underground once cold weather sets in; I stay in awe that they seem to recognize me, as a water supply....

Bless you all in this time of Covid19. Survival is at the core of most of our daily dealings, currently; only by working together will we progress, and sharing the Earth will likely guarantee a safer future. . .