too much DRAMA!! 

{Can we get prepared, or understand, from awfully
 twisted episodes we usually wish to forget!" ~ this was definition of Drama pages when first started}

"Good Act that Wishes to Encourage"
   One thing I did to return to better health was buy a used mountain bike and relearn how to stay fit. Partly because it seems our medical treatment may not go back to being inexpensive, getting out for exercise always seems to satisfy the clean body and spirit train of thought. It became obvious to me after hitting the side roads that neighborhood streets had a bit of clutter thrown to the side.
   Since my health seemed already improving I had the inspiration to take along a small bag to pick up some trash; without hardly trying a kitchen trash bag was full of crushed cans and empty 20 oz. bottles.
   Yes, the times are so much different than when I was growing up! Folks are usually on the run - both parents working to make ends meet to keep the roof over the family's head! Plus, as mentioned, when we worked years ago nobody had out of pocket costs for the doctor ~ or the dentist!
   While many would say I am writing to preach how we ought not litter I say "NO!"! Exercising has heightened my appreciation for my world, and likely it could do the same for you.....
   Instead I wish that families return to some extra time together, and can save up for occasional vacations - or a new car.
   As for the reward for cleaning up the community, I was already taken care of:  some woman I didn't know opened her window as she drove by and said "Thank You for picking that stuff up!"