too much DRAMA!! 

{Can we get prepared, or understand, from awfully
 twisted episodes we usually wish to forget!" ~ this was definition of Drama pages when first started}

"Blame it on the Internet!"
I recall a beautiful Fall afternoon, when thinking about my first experiences online. The leaves had all changed colors and it was a brisk, but romantic, windy day.
The University had a computer lab, and for classes we'd sign in and fill up floppy disks; even though storage was dismal, back in high school a computer was simply 'put these data cards in and you get a report out'.
What fun! Even then, when a printer took 5 minutes to 'set up' before making your printout, I considered myself a 'web surfer'! I'd stay for hours, and usually get very little done for classes; dealing with Operating Systems (Windows XP/7/8; Linux) and browsers (IE7; Google Chrome; Safari) some would just be frustrated! But I have thoroughly enjoyed the dramatic trek our digital age has taken; I joined some online date sites recently, feeling clubbing just wastes our sleep time.
Fall turned to Winter, and I am still alone. I've exchanged the 'flirts' and 'winks', and promised to meet up for coffees. On occasion I get messages from Ghana - doesn't it seem the farther they are the more they seem to like you!
Any which way, I love the gaming, and emails, and shopping! The heck with the cable; I wouldn't know what OMG, or lol, or tyvm meant without my bytes and's ALL YOUR FAULT WWW!
                     by Mary W., retired teacher