too much DRAMA!! 

"Which Sign Are You???"

As we investigate the realm of Paranormal Anthropology, it seems an appropriate time to discuss a matter that did happen!

An associate stated that as a child she considered herself

a Sagittarian, being born in early December. Indeed she dated those signs that seemed to match best with the sign, and as a rule she felt that the information was somewhat correct ~ over her Sun Sign.

However, she truly didn't feel she had the 'happy - go - lucky' personality usually attached to a Sag. In addition, she totally discounted being a lucky person - another common trait.

I did a full investigation of her Ephemeris reading, and we came up with a startling discovery.

First off, an Ephemeris is a book that lists the location of all the planets at the time of our birth. Anyone can send away for such information, for a small fee; or, visit your library and they'll likely have a copy. Here you'll get a more in depth review of the makeup of your astrological chart. 

How does modern science match up to this? Not well, actually. You see they acknowledge that hundreds of thousands of solar systems are out there; it isn't a matter of whether other Earths are out there anymore ~ it's a matter of how many there are. Plus, a show was just on that stated water did exist at one time on Mars.

We must deal with the facts and information in front of us, though; while in the future we may have to account for other planetary/solar system factors in the astrological charts, currently it is appropriate to keep within our own galaxy...

She had lots of Capricorn in her chart! It seemed fair to relabel her a "birthright" Capricorn; the practical and patient nature she displays indeed is more indicative of an Earth sign (vs Fire).

Here's a great example of being objective, as we explore the sciences of our universe. This is an explanation why she didn't match up with certain dates, and why not let this stand as a sound reason to discount shaky rules of certain disciplines?!