too much DRAMA!! 

"Tic~Tac~Toe Tactics...."
  by YLS
As we skate about cities, with apricot skies overhead, neighborhoods begin to look like the same old song and dance. Strange mixes of concrete and twisted iron fencing surround some comically painted wooden structure; many without a flair for aesthetic transformation, even with pretty decoration we all laugh that so many a dwelling just appears like hundreds before it!
A laugh or loud cry, but they all seem the same;  there we are on a new street corner, watching all the busy people waiting for the next bus. Into a tunnel on West 54th, and the workings of high tech machinery give us access to a small heaven; crawling amongst small swarms of scurrying pedestrians we make our way into sunshine. Waves of strangers approach from all sides, as if to attack - we make like Greek statues so the masses can flow down underground.
We're halfway to the desired meeting spot. After a quick glance, the familiar mundanity smacks our senses. Off a train and into the cold street, full of eatery smells and dilapidated buildings, we grab coffees and listen to children shouting.
Bright lights and holiday markings try to transform concrete, metal, and wood into something fun and familiar. This is not a part of the world known to us; the scuffling through new snow is starting to seem like spiraling down a curvy slope - without seeing the bottom!
Upon awakening the day after, and stepping to the porch to view the mango sherbert sunrise, I am whistling a different tune altogether. Tipsy from spirits, and very much encapsulated in a "wrap of compassionate reminiscing", the party and afterward return to my mind. You are still on my mind! That beautiful and wonderful, and much more than a friend, YOU!
I ski down the sidewalk to the local five and dime; waving pleasantries to the adoring crowd watching me slipslide almost headfirst into a 15 foot snowbank, a quick $20 goes to a decent present for my favorite person. Taking a small stick, I clank all the metallic fences while dodging cars pulling out of driveways; someone a few houses down starts crying ~ or was it laughter?? Practically crawling up that icy hill, so much more fun on the way down, the subway and partying again surface to that distinct part of the thought processes causing joy.
I am home, and already dialing the number; "I love you", said I, while flipping onto the soft cushions of the sofa. My mind races to the crying on the street, or, was that laughter...? The silence is saddening, and I see indigo replacing apricot - dark clouds pass overhead; there's crying outside, and I am sure this time of the nature of the sighs.
The mesh of concrete, and half~painted apartment complexes, and ugly fencing clutter the images from just a half-day ago as I peer out to the noisy street......
To be slipping down the cold city sidewalks, and landing happily in your arms once more! Something like tactics we use to play tic~tac~toe are turning over once again, where careening around corners and living in a myriad of people and senseless design leave us dazed; where once was a heart I envision just icicles. It seems the fun we shared will no longer be. . . .