too much DRAMA!! 

"Cooking with PIZAZZ!"
by YLS Staff
In just a short time, the love we shared seems to have all but disappeared.
You, with that hand-quilted apron, and I {quite experienced in the fine art of cooking seafood} wowed our families; the laughter and goodness, of such a special gathering, took me beyond the grief. I know it was your idea to try again.
Just the way you rolled the sweetbread made me remember the joy in our relationship! As we dated, even though I felt I'd easily outcook you, time and time again I had to bow out gracefully; you REALLY know your stuff! My friends are asking why I had to put myself through it all over....
They might think the whole point was to settle in with you! Well, to be honest, it never could have been a serious consideration! You and I both knew the times we shared should remain completely platonic.
Exchanging tasty recipes, and laughing together so close, always stayed "that wonderful food thing". Maybe nobody realizes the only reason we even wanted to join forces once more was career~based; to look into your eyes and chat about frying calamari still is one of my favorite things!
So I'm writing you goodbye today.
Although the spirit was high, and our guests all fell in love with the shared cuisine, you deliberately avoided eye contact! Somehow I feel you betrayed me!
I guess I must thank you for confessing I had done you in this time; the seafood ratatouille knocked 'em out! You evidently met another chef to share times with. Why else would you avoid eye contact, and fail to discuss those delicate times of baking bread!?
Good luck in your future endeavors ~ and I guess it'll suit me fine if I never see you again!