too much DRAMA!! 

'What Up Dawg(?) ~
{homey in the hood!}'
A staring contest of sorts, two groups of three friends didn't enjoy the subway home that hot summer evening!
As if on a stage, they all knew folks all around were goofing on the fact that every time one group got a scene on the other got loud and ....they short circuited each other out! Six matter-of-factly city slickers all ready to divulge just what they felt about the job and the craziness of making ends meet in the city.
Mikey crawled last from the pack of commuters; nobody really had a chance to discuss what may happen over the upcoming weekend, so he'd see his friends at work Monday. Running into lots of street friends, he gets ears filled of night runners going to clubs with pieces and recent busts around his crib. Popping some chicken nuggets into the microwave, he settles in front of a floor fan with the tube on.
While walking zombies chew up disappearing, anguished humans Mikey remembers the latest conversation with his ex; her words chop him apart just like the contestant on the next show - taking the briefcase washing away a million bucks. Called a looker by many, he just wants to finalize some reasoning why that woman of his dreams deliberately degraded him in front of a large group.
Neon city lights played a Christmas-like display, causing mesmerization that wild night; as our homey doused the lights and gazed out on the city street, visions of Althea and the rich executive friend began to turn those thoughts toward melancholy....
They both loved the streets! Althea and Mikey were friends for a decade or more; she helped him make those interviews and appointments, which got him a good job! As soon as Drew met Althea at a local Five Guys it became clear, and Althea told Mikey they'd never be more than friends. Wrapped up in the 'hood, and wanting so badly to be part of the pulse of the city; Mikey felt that she'd never reconsider a new life away from this stuff - but all Mikey had was words.