Your Lucky Stars


too much DRAMA!! 

 "A Personal Observation, and Some Thoughts As Covid Spreads"

It is doubtful ANY particular person wouldn't be able to write a successful book contemplating the last few years here (likely many places in the world would qualify, as well)!

Sadly, the strange reactions that hover all around coronavirus shall be around longer; after peaking and somewhat recovering, it seems quite new all over again...

Certain people will get a vaccine/a freaky new strain is supposed to dominate the whole scene around March ~ and it isn't clear if even a vaccine will work/ ............ suddenly I'm feeling like the world is taking a familiar walk - while surrounded with menacing, yet unseen, observers.

Does anyone frequently take a trip down a basement, or dark room?? We go ahead with it, because we're familiar with the track; just around a bend we've crept through a thousand times there's the light switch!

I'm sure I'm not the only one here thinking society has taken this journey. We've headed down the stairs because the road seems familiar enough. However, just as hidden dangers lurk in the creepy shadows as we walk in the dark, more of us are starting to think perhaps the coronavirus in 2021 may not be the same rodeo.

They say N95 masks are the best defense, and a surgical mask can be worn over it. One person can be designated to go out and gather household needs; try stocking up on backup materials for the home, in case of severe conditions - where we may be forced to keep in the house.

Stay advised these are not normal times, and family fighting ought be kept minimal; the chance of runaways, or even stray musings, should cease.

With luck the vaccine shall turn the tide, against this formidable foe. Stay strong, and informed ~ just in case we don't 'crush covid' 2021.