Your Lucky Stars


too much DRAMA!! 


Oh what fun, to skip out with friends!
We do the malls, and search out fun times at clearance racks; dinner and a movie are super sexy on occasion. Whether you're with a date, or just plain run into a new contact - beware!
Snacking comes in all shapes and varieties nowadays! Snazzy drinks and combo boxes stay too irresistible to bother eating with the family. It's no wonder most of the pop culture doesn't have a clue what "nutritional food" is...? While fried chicken and french fries appeal to the sense of smell, what of steamed chicken breasts with cauliflower mashed - light on the butter! Would your friends want to hang with you if, instead of a Taco Bell $5 Box, you expressed interest in chowing a healthy garden salad at home?!
If the calories from the fast food don't plump you up why not hit up Ben and Jerry's for a large Sundae ~ with extra toppings, whipped cream, and nuts! Even Willy Wonka would cringe at all the candy and junk food selections currently available!
Still, as already mentioned, these fads could have a nasty end result on your dream weekend. Should a special someone get close, and you've just downed enough food for three days, they may ask you a trick question!
You'll be in the know, now, if you hear it. When a nice person asks if you just saw Mary Poppins DON'T ask "Why?"! Talk away from them and get right to asking them to see you again soon; to acknowledge that indeed you might have wouldn't end well.
All your friends and that sweet person may express just how your breath is, due all the tasty treats. In unison all they have to do, as they pack up and leave, is say:  'SouperChallahFrappelliciousMexiHalitosis'!