Your Lucky Stars


"R" is an abbreviation for 'Routine', as in what we usually do in the course of a typical day.

During restart some materials seem unnecessary to add again ~ but it is a great pleasure to identify that most materials indeed can fly once more! Stuff like health, fitness, household chores and behaviors, day/week/month tracking, 'too much drama!', plus special features all apply to any particular day in our modern world.

A simple pathway is there, gently crossing the pages of Your Lucky Stars:  'we try to stay fun to almost all ages, and all the materials stay accessible to anybody at any time....'

It's just about Fall again, our fantastic guests! That means an eclectic mix of Autumn/Halloween poetry is brewing! Take good care this Fall ~ and likely all Winter as well; naturally we'll all pray a safe vaccine emerges, to stop the nasty coronavirus.