A Poem

​"Quite An Eggstraordinary Time!!"

My palm reader told me emphatically today;

"A world without love is boring and gray"!

By the sheer look of grief on his face;

I knew his lover must have put him in his place.

A downtown psychic jumped on a train ~ and was off;

A woman on a wreck - when she didn't return I let out a small cough.

With Springtime here at last I assert with complete delight;

Flowers and budding trees lift the senses, so difficulties

remain mostly out of sight.


The Moon may be in Saturn, and my black cat hasn't crossed the neighbors' path;

The Easter bunny and  the Fairy Godmother are at odds, so we feel that wrath! 

Bring on the daffydils and chocolate rabbits, for warm days so sublime;

With sweetbread and jam the painted breakfast treat offers an eggstraordinary time!!

The Numerologist says she has no use for baskets dressed in colored cellophane and bows;

Should a stadium full of mystics try to guess tomorrow's news, we'll just laugh and say "Nobody knows"!!

To analyze the signs of a nestful of chicks may not gather enough evidence to write a paranormal book;

All the witches of Salem can't create a potion matching that sunny Springtime look!

Between showers and flowers April shall always produce a fool;

The nasty remnants of Winter, along with soothsayers that sound ignorant, leave us feeling quite cool.

Let's go plant our gardens and get ready to bake Easter treats;

The new beginning, outside on a warm day, remains the proof that eventually some anticipated Springtime expectation meets!