A  Poem 

​"Winter's Wild Warlock Mixes Magical Spells"

He was born in January ~ on the coldest day in 20 years;
Just one look at this wild one incites the darkest of fears.
A nutty group of mystics decided to conjure up a ghost;
Our friend the warlock jumped at this party - he soon would host.

"Hocus pocus, and all that fun jazz", cried the mystical group;
"Ha!!",exclaimed the warlock, "let's see just how low they'll stoop"!
"We need to see a sign that you're here", said the leader of the bunch;
The rest prayed it would soon end, seeing they all wanted to go to lunch.

Joe the warlock kicked over a small table at the side of the room;
One mystic kneeled and prayed for some light, amidst the gloom;
What our friend the warlock did not yet know;
An evil magician's son was there, to turn the day to woe.

"Gobbledeegeek ett gobbledeegook", exclaimed  the magician's son;
Joe the warlock laughed out loud, and felt this ought to be good fun!
With the twist of his hand the magic man opened a jar!
If Joe had known he could have wished upon his lucky star. . .


The group took to dancing, and reciting passages so sweet;
A truly historic time, with a bad spirit laying at their feet.
Joe couldn't have known the sad twist of his fate;
At the bottom of the jar he squirmed ~ a beetle ornate.