A  Poem 

​"Awaiting The Fall Flavor"

As leaves turn colors, and lovers make amends, psychics can feel the magic in the air!

Grab a pumpkin and enjoy a frothy latte ~ unless your life ain't goin' nowhere...

It's so true life isn't what you see on a postcard - or movie;

We can get quite large, when we discuss fun topics - like astrology, and it sure feels groovy!

Wouldn't witches, and Salem memories, all stay folly when life's cut down to mere existence thought;

Spice and passion have so much to do with considerations to coexistence ~ above what we're taught!

The chill in the air makes for fright in the bones;

Your psychic may scare you, for Autumn laughs, via the phones. . .

You see this is just a time when we look for some new magic, in the air;

Any Numerologist can tell you it's just part of the Fall fare!

Missing Summer, we are, and anxiously awaiting the Holiday Season;

If the bats and ghouls don't scare you a~plenty, your Astrologer will conjure up yet another reason.

Aunt Gracie is a witch, with her old cat 'Divine';

She'll foretell your fortune, for a fiver and wine.

"Stay young, and keep dreaming", she told me last week;

I told her to keep casting spells, for my Pumpkin Spice Latte is all that I seek....