A Poem

​"Difficult March"

An occasional wind reminds me that a frozen grip is not that far away;

Springtime thoughts create sunny visions ~ yet bare branches inside the cloudy day lead to dismay.

I recall religion, and how new beginnings sprout all around us;

With snow today, though, indoor imprisonment is all we discuss.

Snowmen in January are usually jolly fellows indeed!

During Winter's daylight they hint an early thaw is all I need.

In the lateness of the night, their return is matched with a silent stare;

Like ghosts at one last haunting - gloom returns and is everywhere.

Springtime - SPRING! but where have you gone;

It's gray and it's cold again ~ as nature retreats and leaves us all alone.

Sneezing and wheezing we retreat back to the fires;

Can't we plant our gardens, and remember the sunny warmth that inspires...!

Christmastime was full of delight, with the scents of pine and snow at our nose;

We skated the pond during carefree times with the family - 'til it gave frostbite to our toes.

Mostly now we'd prefer to hear birds chirping to the smell of fresh blooms;

Sadly the doorknobs are frozen ~ and we're staying stuck in our rooms.

With no need for tears, that shall only freeze up our eyes;

Let's help our seeds grow, for the garden, to a very large size.

The friendly snowmen can be asked to come back again;

More fun Holidays are coming - and they'll let us know when....