A  Poem 

​"The Importance of Easter, and Spring"
  by YLS
Purity is not an especially long word;
But, the entire world is familiar once heard.
The resurrection of life, just after Winter is done;
Tells a tale so honest ~ like the warmth from the sun.
One can become quite religious from this display;
A wondrous smell of new life leads us astray!
The hope, from conditions just rendered dead;
Restarts a cycle so heavenly most prefer to leave it unsaid...
Let's open the windows and have more sun shine in;
Pastel colors chase away Winter blues, while romance begins.
Friends and warm skies keep us hopping along...
For introspection that cuts straight to the heart;
Springtime tranquility makes the rescue ~ right at its' start.
Songbirds chirp out their stories, for everyone's pleasure;
As rain sprinkles open that not killed during recent icy leisure.
Today we join our world, while it transforms back to life;
Always fresh and new, in doses quite rife.
Marching onward, the mood stays invigorating and wild;
Escaping frozen trickery, sensation controls it all ~ thrilling and beguiled.
In the name of religion, or just souls on the mend;
we can walk hand in hand ~ cherishing the new world as friends.
Sprouting sweetly, this annual metamorphosis captures greatness...