A Poem

​"I'll Love You 'til the End of the Cosmic Cycle!"
by YLS Staff
I told you I'm to be trusted, my fine little sweet!
Even your numerologist said I'd sweep you off your feet...
Should the stars fall down from the great big sky
I couldn't bear it, like seeing you cry!
Under the heavens, the mystics mesmerize with delight;
With a turn of a tarot card you'll see that I'm right!
If a magician falls flat with his bag full of tricks
I'll deliver fine gifts and fun, just for kicks...
   Astrologers get old, and flowers do die
   A sad man can be happy, if only he'll try!
   A gypsy might warn you 'your life has passed by'
   The love I feel for you probably won't die
When clairvoyants hint you'd be better alone
keep clear of soothsayers calling your phone!
Should you look to the heavens for the answers you seek
Clouds may rain on your chakras ~ keeping things bleak...
As a local guru chants about holistic methods so true
Likely there's no contemplatin' the love between us two.
Should a happy medium be struck, with his divining rod, tonight
We'll try to understand karma, with all of our might!
   Could the astrologer  be prophesizing something so real?
   With planets aligning she's swearing love's what I feel!
   Let's consult the crystal ball and rune stones to sweeten
   this deal;
   Perhaps a spin or two, for luck, on the fortune teller's
    cosmic wheel....
Something's amiss, and my aura is amuck here and now;
Delving into a reiki or two might supply the time to allow
Passage from hard times when we first met;
Sharing a telescope at the observatory ~ or did you forget?!
I recall you insisted we have our palms read at once;
The reader said our love lines don't cross, and I made you laugh by calling him a "dunce"...
My ouija board promised you'd be a good match for me!
The tea leaves read "go for it!", and that filled my heart with glee!
   But then I saw you dancing close with another
   Your family and my spiritual counsel told me just
   not to bother....
   You seemed confused when I insisted it's one or the other;
   I'm not mad ~ just return to your dear, cosmic mother.