A  Poem 

​"The Yellow Bellied Sap Sucker"

Walking in the park one day my love and I saw;
A strange little bird ~ but it didn't chirp; nor did it caw...
As it delighted itself in a frenzy of wings;
My love and I mused about such funny things.

Up in the trees we watched a mockingbird play;
Suddenly a white goose became visible, once far away!
Three blue jays screeched and clawed - oh what a treat;
"Honey, do you feel something there at our feet"?

This walk in the park became such a delight;
We chatted and planned, the day after a big fight!
To behold the yellow bellied sapsucker indeed made us laugh;
Could anything go wrong on this day - and a half!

Swans flitted about, gliding on the sunny pond;
Nature was joyous and majestic ~ my love grew quite fond!
Who knows why we ended up down near the water's edge;
Maybe we thought we'd see more birds, on the rocky ledge.

The yellow bellied sap sucker flew quite near;
It's sweet little eyes seemed to reflect an image of fear...
A snap of some twigs and then I heard a loud roar;
An alligator ate my sweet love - there on the shore.

Amidst the chirps and the branches I just gazed in dismay;
What diabolical force could drag down such a great day?!
With a burp the gator looked me straight in the eyes;
While the yellow bellied sapsucker had a smirk, for my demise.