Your Lucky Stars


The 'Not Tech Savvy', 'Item(s) Occasionally Overlooked', and 'Healthy' Individual ~

Perhaps you've applied for Hell's Kitchen? Did you get an impression that some current money guru would fall at your feet, and help them run their empire? It is true one doesn't have to know too much, to make stuff in a kitchen.

We bet that by watching some of the foodie shows you see all the ingredients others put into a BBQ pork dish; if 10 or more spices go into the curing process, surely 1 or so overlooked won't make much of a difference!??

A solid regimen should make all the difference for your kind! If you exercise a few times a week, and get proper sleep, your great looks and health should catapult you toward safety...!

Luckily there is some merit to that "way of life"; and, doubly lucky today, Your Lucky Stars should be able to set you off on the right track!