Your Lucky Stars


"The Summer Olympics At Tokyo ~ Will Japan Decide To Do It??"

Doesn't this seem an innocent enough question? I actually saw this topic on the news, and how Japan was considering having them - already delayed for one year.

Just as the "devil's advocate" I will pose a different question:  'ISN'T THIS THE DECISION OF A HIGHER POWER??'

Nobody knows if these newly created vaccines will prevent millions more from dying due coronavirus. So, perhaps we ought see most of the world's decisions of the last year rather subjective ~ maybe even selfish.

Most of us have sat back watching covid19 move about - from country to country; after one area of the globe seemingly gets over it, another spot gets it (likely due the travel of tourists/business people). Without rhyme or reason countries have it appear again, to inflict even more chaos.

Where are the WHO/UN workers, to take the reins?? I feel the lack of global adherence helped the beast stay way too healthy; quarantining has to be seen on a larger scale - from here on out likely! It's ridiculously easy for planes full of guests to travel all around the world! 

You can cross the 'T's' and dot the I's from here, but maybe you get my point! Before Japan's government has the bravado to just declare it "alright" to move ahead with the Olympics, for the sake of worldly health they really need to have the world leaders (of Health/Peace Keeping Regime) declare further quarantining isn't necessary.....