Your Lucky Stars


"All This Old Fashioned Training Without Grandma Walton...!!"

Lots of people are realizing their home lives aren't all that bad! The family unit seems to care for one another ~ and we're able to perform the household tasks like pros!

Cheers to the fine unit of government in place here - in the USA! While tragedy is around us, and several illnesses did indeed affect local families, we're not going to get the majority of what normally goes down...! If China can curb the disease we'll be soon to follow!

It hasn't been that out of the ordinary to see supermarkets with empty shelves; in the Northeast blizzards and icestorms kept us in for days. Commodities like milk, bread, and meats were in short supply several times in memory. This is the first time, though, we saw toilet paper and hand sanitizer become items impossible to buy!

Delicious food and clean bathrooms are a staple of the American household once again! Chances are some of these trends will stick around a bit!

All this reminds me of a "Walton's" episode - I'm thinking a Christmas special. Life around a Virginia mountain seemed so satisfying, didn't it? Everyone argued a bit, but at the end of the day the whole gang said 'goodnight' to each other - with everyone home and safe.

With all the fighting in government I was taken aback when the Walton kids chatted politics, in the show. Naturally we all end up disliking certain political leaders of our lifetime! Yet Grandma Walton came out in the film and told the kids '..never you mind what you're all thinking of the President ~ he IS the President' (not exactly in those words)!

Maybe the reason folks gather up goodies, and happily retreat to the joys of the family, is to live that model of respect - easy living and hopeful companionships.