Your Lucky Stars


"Obsessed People Usually Stick To Ritual ~ The Bad Word Of Religion"

Holidays approach, and the masses scramble about preparing for intensity.

Personal, as well as social, traditions completely control most of our actions. If you enjoy the holidays chances are the whole experience will uplift and enlighten; when folks don't particularly appreciate the rooty toot toots and rummy tumtums a sense of futility ensues.

The first line of defense is to help our friends/neighbors to rejoin that special set of messages ~ common to Thanksgiving through the New Year.

After this we need to step away from "institutionalization", which simply refers to the political and religious governance humanity requires. Even though many will cry the intentions of our institutions are cloudy, one can conclude the mere occupation of all working for them is to get everyone to enjoy holiday spirit.

"R" became a big deal to me, transforming many of those old school customs to modern joy. You'll be able to develop more personal traditions - that may get shared with those around us; isn't it great when others share in something great we create for a holiday?

When comparing and contrasting on occasion there's a common thread; similar to a vice becoming a bad habit, regimenting a tradition to the point most of society find it unpleasant screams for a change. Simply put, too many rules gets boring; and, rituals are the enforced rules ~ by either institution.

Your routine, indeed, sets up parameters. Institutions abide by collections of rules; overall a set of laws/instructions keep us in sync with the sea of people around us.

In conclusion, when your own traditions and customs don't reflect those of society-at-large you'll likely not have much fun in the rituals of the season. You have two choices, at this point.

Be a bit more understanding, knowing our institutions usually do the best they can to please the greatest number of citizens. Or, step back a bit and recreate your own holiday sensations! In time your friends and family may embrace some neat new twist to your joy; plus, reintroduction to commonplace events/traditions (rituals) could land you smack in the 'life of the party'. . .