Your Lucky Stars


"Is There Anything To Icecap Thaws??"


Also known as "Permafrost", global warming is starting to present mankind with (possibly) our biggest difficulties.

Giant glaciers are disappearing at the North and South Poles; where once was a large ice chunk is now open land. In part this makes our oceans rise, and it is feared several places may get swallowed up by the extra water.

This wouldn't be too big a problem, however, if we start desalinating seawater. It is already done in many countries. Yes, it is very expensive; overall, it's a gamechanger - though, since many countries are currently unable to drink their own tapwater. On a visit to Dominican Republic I got deathly ill from an ice cube, which I thought was made from bottled water!

The bigger concern, over thawing glaciers and disappearing poles, is the release of microbes/microorganisms.

We may soon find out how fortunate we were to have them frozen in time. In fact, there are movies already created over the topic; science fiction is indeed an intelligent brand of moviemaking!

Local true story, from Summer 2020 USA ~

   My family and I received numerous insect bites this past Summer. It was a beauty - the hottest on record!

   Yet, after such a round where many of us almost feel violated, to consider this dilemma about 'permafrost' one has to think there may be a correlation. . .

   After getting bit on the hand, by what is believed to have been a common housefly, a tumor grew inside the left thigh; one bite on the arm had two puncture marks, similar in looks to a snake bite - but no bug or snake was around....

In closing we'll just say that our changing world needs Science! Keeping an objective view helps us to diagnose/cure stuff better! We all received an early Christmas present 2020 with the advanced development of a coronavirus vaccine!!

Yet, analyses of world events don't always supply cut and dried solutions; how much of an impact could the situation of thawing ice caps and glaciers have on the rise of nasty pandemics??

It NEEDS to stay important that we review all the possibilities, from such a fascinating situation! We may find lots of strange developments ~ some bad, but some may end up very good!!