Your Lucky Stars


"Driving Through The Pandemic, And Approaching...(2021, anyway!)"

The human condition of driving, or traveling in mechanical vehicles in general, likely could fill 'Hot Topic' pages any random time! 

An event happened while driving home the other night that could have radically changed the lives of all the drivers around me. It fit in well, with so many of the offbeat events from 2020; perhaps the pandemic has taken root in society, where too many 'wrong turns' might turn this country/lots of places in our world into scary trouble zones!

This occurrence was far from a random thing. Looking back at what happened, as I sit now in my safe home, I'm grateful the whole thing wasn't related to an act of terrorism.

On an interstate highway between Massachusetts and Rhode Island a group of 100 or more dirt bike and ATV riders decided to join the traffic. As I headed toward my exit, I heard the sounds of unfamiliar machinery all over the highway; it was strange I saw so many of the drivers around me slowing way down. Before my eyes a sudden surge of dirt bikes and ATV's conglomerated all about the road ~ leading to all the traffic coming to a dead stop!

While one driver of the foreign vehicles began taping the event, on a handheld videocamera/phone, cars started moving about this group and continued onward. A small group of ATV's seemed stuck on one side of the highway, but I managed to carry on - and soon drove home away from the surprising time. This reminded me of recent protests, where whole highways got blocked. . .

Perhaps this scene will end up on local news, but to date I have no idea why these young adults conglomerated on the road. Having lots of experience I can say I never felt any danger, but "what if's" came to mind all the way home!

Like a reality show on TV, if these riders carried rifles those of us just trying to get home may not have ended up there!

Between covid19, and the sad unemployment/stress associated with it, and racial tensions (that led to demonstrations) what if our world keeps turning to this -

Peace to everyone, and we'll all have to keep working toward the return of greatness.