Your Lucky Stars


"Should We Consider Chefs Artists???!"

For those of us who enjoy shows like Hell's Kitchen, as well as all the cooking competition shows, it's pretty easy to see most cooks live under stressful conditions!

Add to this those of us with food service experience! There's not a position involved in almost all kinds of food enterprises that don't have good measures of mystery and uncertainty of work load/amount of sales! Folks can all run around with no seeming end in sight ~ not including mistakes that set the whole team back; on occasion workers wait all day and no customers show.....

Let's see a line cook frying up an order of sweet potato fries as similar to Elton John pumping out a piano solo, inside one of his songs! While a painter adds a colorful mountain range, to the overall landscape oil painting, Gordon Ramsay bakes a sensational souffle to accompany the filet mignon.

Perhaps many of you will wonder why I'm going through all this. It isn't to build up either lifestyle/occupation, to make them seem overly fun.

In a lot of ways when you see contestants on Hell's Kitchen you pretty much get a real flavor, for trying to make it in that industry...! Like artists, loads of people try to make a name in the field - but not many get far.

Throw in a too real scene where workers get very few days off, and most places of employ (sandwich shops, diners, or buffet restaurants) have a high turnover rate - or members that quit before spending that much time at the job; with so many leaving (many times right after they just got trained), those sticking around can get burnt out from covering for no shows. Pays stay quite low, for the amount of running around needed, and very few 'make the grade'. One of the only ways to make it big, in the food industry, is to become an entrepreneur - start your own biz with some kind of a twist or niche.

Successful artists, and cooks, deserve their recognition! When you understand the hierarchy and sacrifice in each field, you'll agree that those that make it to the top had to excel against almost impossible odds.