Your Lucky Stars

A Poem

  "Nothin' But The Chirpin' Of The Tree Frogs..."

As nature and calamity induce mystics and psychics, to try and spread good words of misplaced hope;

We look to the stars and chat over lattes - remembering the golden days when it was easier to cope.

It is SO special to have icy mornings well in our past;

Feeling that marvelous sunshine at my back will assist in making new memories ~ that could last....

Design and circumstance, at times, seem to drag us back into forms of sorrow;

A numerologist down the road implied we didn't have promising numbers - for tomorrow!

If possible why not take a nature walk down the lane;

The sunshine and nature sounds should make us real and content ~ and that is rather plain.

The death of Winter chills us all, to the heart;

Springtime usually supplies us with the opportunity for a new start!

Instead of gray mundanity - matched to unhappy words of woe;

I'll take the chirping of tree frogs telling me how they don't miss the snow!

When calamity and rain darken the day, once so bright;

Let's regard the meadowlark, so innocent in its' morning flight!

Hence our townsfolk all discuss the world returning to control;

We need to grasp it's a world full of life - so contemplate the chirping tree frog as part of the soul.