Your Lucky Stars

A Poem

  "The Stars, the Earth, and the Sun"

"Here's all that you'll ever need, boy", my dad said to me;

The twinkle in his eye was noted affectionately...

"The stars, the Earth, and the sun", he went on quite emphatically;

"If you follow your heart, and remember these things, you'll always feel free!"

I'm nobody's fool, by any which means;

Still, I thought this which he said amounted to a hill of beans.

Any psychic can tell you your aura's rather vital;

I had to listen to my father, though, since he's my idol.

As an astrologer passed I queried, "What do you find";

"To be of the utmost importance.., so please do speak your mind".

As she mumbled something about Taurus being in Cancer today;

she then blurted, "The stars, the Earth, and the sun - by far is what I say".....

The next morning I took a ride to the sea;

"Isn't the ocean gorgeous?", a seafarer cried out to me.

"Well, it is part of the Earth", I exclaimed under my breath;

Suddenly the old man's words were coming back ~ many years after his death.

If it weren't for the sun I couldn't see this great Earth;

a life in coldness and darkness truly wouldn't have much worth!

Without the stars I wouldn't know my lover's match to my signs;

For Heaven's sake why didn't I listen to dad's lines..!?

Scurrying about to grab for more money seems mundane;

And parties are important but they drive so many insane!

Thinking of simple pleasures, and sharing things that are fun; 

I reckon I'll just tell everyone I meet 'the stars, the Earth, and the sun'!