Your Lucky Stars

A Poem

​"Summer Started Just Like A Tide, Coming In To Shore..."

Fishing boats decorate the sea, just like feathers adorn a busy peacock - strutting in the sun;

Bobbing in the waves all those hard working fishermen catch food, for everyone.

A fortune of crabs, and jumbo shrimp, make the docks by late afternoon;

The townspeople enjoy their seaside dinners, and then walk near the beach - with the moon.

Life by the sea seems more fulfilling than most, since romance floats in with each tide;

What of opportunities and chance, when flitting glimpses of hope reflect upon waves ~ over and over, as they ride....

The point may seem lost, but that's why 'it's found', because the tide rushes in Fall, Winter, and Spring;

Here at last (!!), sporting sails bursting with color, Summer remains a beautiful thing!

With tears we tolerate sea spray, and mixed up seas, while Fall tides wash tired - into Spring;

Fish and mermaids alike flee for a spell, avoiding an ice floe's sting.

Every crash of the waves sings a marvelous tune, during Summer, that visitors truly adore;

Treasures like shells and seaweed, and jellyfish, amaze us when they wash up to the shore.

Peanut butter and jelly for Suzy and ham for Mark, when packing for our picnic by the sea;

Don't forget the sunscreen, and the Spotify speaker, 'cause it's almost time to go;

We're excited and looking forward to a slow motion Summer, as we stay warm and feel free....

The salty air can make us forget the blues, for a while - and lately news has been crazy (don't you know..!) ~