New Material

The Official Your Lucky Stars Asian Jungleland Mascots ~ Take 2

Many years have passed since our original AJM was published. I don't want to offer a similar mountain of reading material.

Here's a brief introduction; the goal of Your Lucky Stars is merely to hint at how an individual may grasp paranormal doctrines ~ to use for analyses of human socialization. The core of nonbelievers and poor forecasts stems from calibrations - having a person try to believe they're one sign or another (without the proper investigation as to validity)!

Take the following as a bunch of clues - mostly designed to entertain! While reading about a sign that may be yours, understand that the whole process is more likely to shed light upon the true dynamics of Paranormal Anthropology! It isn't until you believe that all you read may not be accurate, that you consider better ways to judge how folks around you tick.

{THE STAGE = elements/like animals, how people react like the mascots/FAVE DRINKS, OR SNACKS, OR SITUATIONS}