Hello fans!!!!

Please enjoy Interactives, Dailies, and Paranormal Anthropology here!!

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Originally penned as 'an interactive guide, to assist folks in making more of our changing world', the only change to the concept was to settle in on "an entertainment phenomenon".

Please stay safe, in our continuing plight ~ during a pandemic.....

I'm going to add the "Info" page again soon, seeing some have been confused as to why we're a "store"! While publicity and shared joy rock it's most likely staying 'a free collection of entertaining forums, where logins and advertising won't exist'; part artist and part teacher, your writer/creator enjoys sharing helpful essays - to reach practically every age group....

{This "Info" entry shall be a brief 'History'! You'll get plenty of fun insights as to how the site was born ~ August of 2014! I'd say by mid to late May !!}

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