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Howdy YLS fans ...
It's time to make the donuts again - {hehe, just getting a laugh at old Dunkin Donuts commercials}! It is true, however, that I didn't expect to stay up and running.

It's important to note that the site shall stay completely free!!
If you would like to share some ideas, or simply discuss any world issues, click the 'Let YLS Know' button.....(you'll get an email to send stuff to)

At least for now, the idea of retiring while children of the world can be reached isn't an option! I'm looking forward to setting off on a brand new adventure - in writing!
As a matter of fact, immediately I will be trying many great new forums; the scope seems centered around a new name/lots of material that will not at all intersect what was once on this site!
I hope you visit regularly ~ and shall always welcome interaction/opinions!!!


ylswebstore was established 2014 ~ and remains 100% original

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